My name is Adelle Southall.  I have always wanted to be an elementary school teacher. I have worked with hundreds of students closing the gap and building confidence.

I started teaching in 2007 in a rural area of Maryland as a classroom teacher. Throughout my 14 year career, I’ve taught 5th grade, 3rd grade, and 2nd grade. Along my teaching journey, I grew a passion for teaching English language learners. I shifted the focus of my Master’s Degree from Curriculum Design to Teaching English Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). In 2015 I made a huge shift, moving districts and becoming a Teacher of English Speakers of Other Languages.

I enjoy tutoring students who need a little extra help in their core subjects. Working with a variety of students in the schoolhouse has prepared me to work with a variety of students online. I am able to give assessments and observations to know exactly what your child needs and how to get them on the road to success.

Helping children learn is my passion.



I believe that tutoring is more than just helping students receive a passing grade on a test; it’s a way to motivate and prepare students to achieve their academic and professional goals in a competitive world.


Personalized 1:1 Sessions

All you need is Zoom and we will be ready to go! Through Zoom's annotation and mouse sharing abilities your child will be able to actively engage in online tutoring.



Discuss and Learn From Children's Novels

Each month we will read a new novel together. There are three levels of participation you can take.

  1. With a Group: Join in weekly to discuss the novels with other children. We will follow the discussion guide and apply comprehension skills to become better readers together.

  2. Independent with 1 Group Chat: You can complete the comprehension and vocabulary studies independently and join an end-of-the-month live book chat where we will share our book projects and talk about our favorite parts of the book.

  3. Independent: Download the discussion guides, vocabulary activities, and book project. Complete them on your own with your family.

Here are our summer books:

June: Wayside School Beneath the Cloud of Doom

July: One and Only Ivan

August: The Lemonade War

Happy Kids with Books

Tutoring with Adelle was amazing. She was so patient with my daughter. She was very flexible and always kept me informed and updated on any successes and concerns. She gets a full 5 stars.

Tami A