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Does your child need more accountability when reading?

Would you like to see your child reading more children's literature novels?

Do you need help getting the most out of the novels you read with your child?

You're in the right place!

Join Adelle Tutors Monly Book Clubs to get the most out of your child's reading. Each month I offer 2 books for you to choose from. One book will be geared towards ages 8-10  years and the other geared towards ages 10-12 years old.


Each book is chosen based on age-appropriate content, reading levels, and interests.

There are three levels of investment in my book clubs:

  1. Done for you

  2. Done with you

  3. Do it yourself

In the Done for You groups, we will meet live in zoom once a week to discuss assigned chapters, learn and apply vocabulary, and practice reading comprehension. Your child will b able to read and discuss with other children and with the help of a certified educator, Adelle herself. We will end our month with a book project, connecting our book to the world around us.

In the Done With You groups, parents will have access to all the materials that I will use in the live weekly meetings. Instead, your child will have their own end-of-the-month meeting to share their book project and share their favorite parts of the books.

The Do It Yourself option is simply so, Do It Yourself. Parents will have access to all the materials and activities that we will complete within the book clubs with no zoom meetings.

Think of it as a choose your own adventure-style book club. There is something for everyone to match your time constraints, pricing needs, and commitment level.

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