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Reading Comprehension with Questioning

Comprehension Skill - Questioning

An important transition in reading is going from learning to read (about Kindergarten through 2nd grade) into learning from what they are reading (mid 3rd grade and beyond).

Learning to Read

When you’re learning to read you begin learning about all the different names of letters and the sounds that they make when they’re alone when they’re together, and in all the different combinations in the English Language. (There are a lot.)

Learning from Reading

This can be a tricky transition for some kids but not if you put into practice some comprehension strategies. The first and most basic is questioning.

Today I was reading with a student about Outer Space. This kid can READ! Give him a word and he can decode it. Ask him about what he read and then it gets a little iffy. What we practiced today was questioning as we read.

First, we looked at the table of contents in an appropriate level text. We looked at what would be in that book and wondered what we might learn. We ended up with 3 big questions.

How do people get to space?

What is a comet?

Are there other galaxies?

These questions focused our reading. We then dove into the book, going right to the sections that would answer our questions.

After reading each paragraph or page we paused and I asked what he learned OR a question that could be answered right there in the text. (We will progress to the deeper questions later.) At first, he was hesitant and answered with “I don’t know,” but as we pressed on he became more independent and I even noticed him pausing to think while he read.

If you’re not thinking, you’re not really reading.

Questioning forces the brain to focus and find the answers. To summarize, to retell, to refocus. When these things happen your child is really reading.

Click below to get a free questioning resource to use with your child. This resource works with fiction and nonfiction books. Give it a try and let me know how you like it.

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