Standard Tutoring Packages


Who are these packages for?

Plan 1 is for students who are 1 grade level behind or less or students who are on grade level but want enrichment. 

Plan 2 is for students who are more than 1 grade level behind or students who are in need of getting caught up quickly.

I will offer a recommendation after our tutoring consultation.

Mini Tutoring Packages

Sometimes a whole hour isn't accessible for your schedule or your child's attention span. For these children, I offer 30-minute sessions. These mini sessions are a great option for children in grades K, 1, and 2 or children who struggle with ADHD.  

I highly recommend scheduling at least an hour of tutoring for student who are below grade level.


Who are these packages for?

Girl with Bookshelves


With my credentials and experience, this is a fair and reasonable rate. Not only will your child have personalized instruction for exactly what they need, but they will also have access to hundreds of books on their reading level. 

Everyone has different goals in tutoring. Some might want extra work on phonics and basic reading skills while others seek tutoring to boost student confidence and lessen anxiety around reading. Whatever your reasons for choosing me as your tutor I promise to work hard to get results for your child.