What They’re Saying About Adelle

Ira and Elijah LOVE having you tutor them so much! And it makes me feel more confident that they're getting what they need while I'm homeschooling them.

Hope H

I had a struggling reader that hated anything to do with reading! Adelle has helped build confidence in him and as he grows as a reader, he discovers he really does love reading because it isn't so hard anymore!

Abby C.

"You are an angle. Thank you for the way you creatively work with my kiddos."

Grateful mom of neurodivergent children

My child is much more confident in her reading. She is now able to sound out unfamiliar words with confidence.

Maryan A

My son is more confident and not reluctant in reading. Before if asked to read he would automatically say he didn't know how to read. This doesn't happen anymore.

Maria M

Thank you for all you do. My child just asked if we can keep reading this morning!

Ashley S

Tutoring with Adelle was amazing. She was so patient with my daughter. She was very flexible and always kept me informed and updated on any successes and concerns. She gets a full 5 stars.

Tami A